Serenity Vista has a magnificent new home!

Expanding on Serenity Vista's solid growth in Panama over 10 years, we have moved to a larger, more beautiful facility within Boquete. The home and surrounding dwellings & gardens provide more space and amentities better suited for Serenity Vista's continued growth in a magnificently beautiful, tranquil setting.

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New Home of Serenity Vista


You will benefit from one of the world’s most individualized, robust & comprehensive addiction treatments. A dedicated team of addiction professionals and holistic practitioners will compassionately guide your healing in body, mind and spirit.

Experience enjoying your new life free of addiction, including an exciting variety of outdoor recreational activities. Each day at Serenity Vista is a healthy balance of learning, discovery, fun, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Enjoy amazing meals prepared from the abundance of local fresh foods & tropical fruits.

And Ceiba, our wonderful chocolate Labrador retriever, will offer you her unconditional love, companionship, and teach you to love life in the moment with mindful presence.

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Choosing Serenity Vista may be the best decision for you or your loved one. Your choice of this unique, private international rehabilitation center offers you personalized, in-depth healing from all forms of addiction including emotional or mental suffering.

We will help you recover from alcoholism, drug addiction, ludopathy, smoking cessation, codependency, or other compulsive behaviors such as related to gambling, sex, or food. Experience this unparalleled holistic and comprehensive treatment. Heal in body, mind and spirit through our compassionate, empathetic guidance. Find hope where there was despair. You will be free from addiction. Discover peace of mind and heart. Transform your life & restore relationships. Your new life awaits you.

Receive compassionate, individual attention (Maximum of 6 guests)

Enjoy stunning, tropical beauty in year-round comfortable weather

Benefit from a world-class facility successfully helping people achieve freedom since 2012

“ Today, I am happy and filled with hope, with an ability to navigate life, and enjoy my restored family relationships. I believe Serenity Vista is among the best in the world. It is incredible value for a luxury, breathtaking retreat setting, with easy travel access worldwide. “


California, USA

“ It is no exaggeration when I say Serenity Vista saved my life. My life has changed dramatically for the better. Once in the darkness, I have shifted into the light of a life I never thought was possible. John and Jane Derry care so deeply about each person. “


Texas, USA

“ I have no other words than to say John and Jane and their marvelous team of professional therapists have saved my life. I came to Serenity Vista to rid myself of my alcoholism but I could not have expected to leave with a completely new set of glasses. My entire outlook on life has changed and I have never been closer to my own ‘self’. “


California, USA

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International holistic private addiction treatment center rehab for alcohol, drug & other addiction recovery at a beautiful, upscale retreat in tropical paradise

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Serenity Vista has a very good reputation, and is consistently ranked as one of the top rehabs in the world, and has received awards for its outstanding work with clients and exceptional success rate.

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