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My stay at Serenity Vista was a life changing experience.

- Rhonda, Georgia, USA

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Affordable World Class Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Rehab – Panama
Serenity Vista is your top choice for the best in world-class rehab. Our international rehabilitation facility truly defines what is summed up in the phrase “luxury rehab.” Here, in the tropical paradise of Panama, you can enjoy the wonders of nature and natural beauty, experience the comforts of amenities like spa visits and exercise centers, all while at the same time bringing yourself to a place of tranquility and peace from which you can recover from any form of addiction. Our international drug treatment programs can help anyone who is seeking help with addiction: men and women suffering from drug addiction, alcoholism, chemical dependency, substance abuse, codependency, or other forms of addiction including smoking. With over 30 years of clinical expertise backing our internationally recognized program of recovery, we have the knowledge and know-how to help you.

At Serenity Vista, you can overcome your addiction surrounded by the wonders of natural beauty in one of the safest and most beautiful countries in the world. But just because Serenity Vista is a world-class drug treatment center doesn’t mean it’s outside your budget. Serenity Vista is an amazing value, too! We offer you the highest quality in world-class luxury rehab at a fraction of the price of just basic rehab in the United States or Canada. How is it possible? Here in Panama, the cost of living is lower, life is more relaxed, and everything is a much greater value – including the highest quality in drug and alcohol treatment. It is no accident that our internationally recognized drug addiction treatment center is located in Panama. In fact, Panama was carefully chosen in order to be peaceful and serene. Quality, experience, innovation, value, and tranquility—that’s Serenity Vista.

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Serenity Vista Offers:

  • An integrative and customized approach to treatment based on the individual’s specific needs
  • Highly effective treatment for drug addiction, chemical dependency, substance abuse and/or alcoholism
  • A private and luxurious clinical setting with a maximum of 8 client guests at a time
  • Highly experienced staff, backed by over 30 years of treatment expertise
  • An elegant and luxurious rehabilitation residence at a fraction of the cost
  • A well-rounded holistic treatment experience that prepares the client for “real life” living
  • Varied program lengths of 45, 60 & 90 days
  • A focus on whole life recovery and personal growth from multiple perspectives
  • We approach recovery from multiple avenues: 12-step, holistic & clinical
  • A very sincere and non-institutional treatment experience
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